A Letter to the (Wo)Man in the Mirror

How long has it been since you’ve adapted too much on people and strived too hard to make them feel comfortable around you? There is, indeed, an expiry date to let others dictate how you feel and act towards them—even if they're the ones you really care for. It’s not your obligation to keep them happy; it’s their choice, though. And even though how you express your thoughts and feelings may contradict with them, it doesn’t really matter because if they’re really sincere to be with you, they’ll accept you just the way you actually are. Just know that you’re never in complete control. You can decide who comes inside, but you can’t ever make anyone stay, no matter how hard you try to make them feel comfortable.

I’m not forcing you, but I do hope that you’ll be less numb. It’s not always good to ban your heart to feel some unpleasant emotions in order to avoid conflict and it’s better to face them instead. Sometimes it’s okay to let your guard down and admit that you’re hurt by others rather than conceal it. It might hurt at the moment, but the lesson you’ll get from your wound is worth much more than if you let things go as if nothing bad happens. 

But despite all these, I’m glad that now you’re able to choose whom you can trust and be open up to, because not everyone is that easy to accept and embrace differences. I’m also glad that you become less naïve; not because you’re more cynical towards the world or destiny but because you have learned that reality is actually sweeter than any dreams. You’ve also learned not to expect on anything or anyone and appreciated the little things more. You had been in the moment where you focused too much on the vision about what you (and your other one) could do together in the future while you both forgot to cherish the present, and at last it ruined everything. Expectations, assumptions, and judgments turn out to be the ones that destroy any relationship you build with the others the most. And glad to see that you’ve come to realize that there is no such thing as the formula of true love or “Guide to Find Your Soul Mate” because love is simply built by understanding, acceptance, and commitment to stay together even when the hardest storm strikes you both. And as the time passes by, flowery words get cheaper and what really matters is you and your other one’s effort and sincere actions to make each other happy.

Lastly, I just wish that in the next moment you’ll take more chances and responsibilities. The joy in your journey can always be found even on the steepest hill, and in the meantime you might find someone tenderly holding your hand and accompanying you until you both can see sunrise from the peak :)

The (wo)man standing in front of the mirror

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