It hits me sometimes that music brings back memories as strong as scent does. Some songs have specific person related to them, making us think none but that person when the song is played. Some other songs have their own moments imprinted on them that you can’t help recalling the moments, no matter how bittersweet it may feel right now. Other times you find yourself intentionally looking for a song with the exact lyric that goes with your emotion at that time. And funny that the same song can picture different past scenes in your head, sometimes even with different person too. I can listen to Broken by Lifehouse or Only One by Yellowcard and memorize a person or two at the same time. Yet at different times, I can’t listen to Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s or Bleeding Love by Boyce Avenue without reminiscing one specific moment with the same person and it’s stuck just like that. 

It’s true also that the first memory you have with a song remains the strongest comparing to the following memories. The first one is always eventful; the one that you can remember the most from second to second and is the hardest to escape from your brain no matter how much you put other memories above it. And even though it all sounds sweet and romantic at first, in the end, we just have to let go of everything that has become dust at the corner of our mind. The past along with its pleasant memories often look too tempting to resist, but we don’t live there anymore. All the good times, the intense feelings, the temporary laughter and tears, the butterflies-in-the-stomach scenes, the guilty pleasure that later we often regret; all.have.passed.

And I’m done with the “can’t-let-go” phase now :)

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