H+3: Deleted Scenes
There are too much to say, to write, to pour down. Often times I don’t really care about what labels we should put on us as long as we enjoy each other’s interaction and keep learning from it. Because I’ve learned that in the end, loving isn’t about what we can gain. It’s not about what the other can do that makes us happy, but about wanting goodness and happiness for the other even though we're no longer a part of it. But that’s where true love resides, right? When we know that we may not be the other’s reason to be happy anymore or they already have the other one to make them happy or anything, but somehow we still care and pray for their happiness. As I’ve learned lately, once you love someone, that love will never decrease. It just turns into another shape that often doesn’t have to include the need to possess in that.

So just so you know, I still pray for your best, no matter where we’re going in the end :)

*to the so-called natural partner

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