I'm not a huge fan of anything related to 'based on data...' or scientific research or any kind of it. But what I found here is a pretty cute and effective approach about a connection between two personalities based on MBTI indicator for people who aren't really keen on statistic data like me. Read it as if it's a modern fairy tale and you'll get what I find fascinating from this one :3

"One of the unfortunate things that will happen to the mutating Idealists is that they will be hunted down by INTJs who want to extract their powers.  How will the INTJs do this?  They will do it by extracting the poor NF's very soul using their patent-pending Soul Extractor.  Getting your soul sucked out will put a large bump in the road to self-actualization, so you should try to avoid this.

Unfortunately, sometimes getting captured by a mad scientist is one of those things that you just can't help.  One second you're clambering over blocks of rubble, singing a cheerful song, the next thing an anti-grav car swoops down and there's a tranquilizer dart sticking out of your neck.  When you wake up, you're strapped to a lab table, there's a psych inhibitor collar locked around your throat, and your soul is being extracted.

A common misconception about soul extraction is that it takes only a few minutes.  In fact, it takes several weeks, because souls are actually quite large and process of rewriting them onto a mechanobrain is time consuming with current bit transfer rates.  All of which means that you will have plenty of time to convince the INTJ (your future spouse) to leave their life of evil so they might be joined together in an eternal, deep, tender relationship of truest, purest love with you.

Your first meeting will go something like this:

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

The INTJ turns to you and declares confidently, "Love at first sight is simply a pheromonal response.  The people involved smell a scent-marked difference between each other's DNA--the major histocompatibility complex, which is a part of the coding for the immune system--and are driven to mate with the goal of producing offspring having the most diverse immune response possible."

You grin at him.  "You have a lovely major histocompatibility complex."

He freezes up like a deer in the headlights, then whirls around begins pushing buttons on his computer.  (Pushing buttons on computers is courtship behavior for INTJs.)

It won't be long before you weaken his resolve.

He will begin to ask guilty little questions like, "Are the straps comfortable?"  "Getting your soul sucked out doesn't hurt too badly, does it?"  "Is the concrete slab in your cell soft enough?"

At last he will crack.  Gloomily he will show you to the door of his secret fortress and say, "You can leave."

This is your cue to throw your arms around him squeeze him like a stress ball.  "You're so cute!  Let's go on a date!"

Once he gets over his state of frozen shock, he will immediately agree.

At first you will mortify every single one of his INTJ sensibilities by making physical contact with him, expressing your emotions (aloud), inviting your friends over to his secret fortress for a pool party in the old alligator pit, and otherwise acting like a normal human being.  But after awhile he will grow accustomed to it, and even start opening up.

"It was kind of lonely around here before you came," he will admit one day.

"Awwww," you say, rubbing his shoulder.  "I'm really glad you kidnapped me and tried to suck out my soul.  I've never met anyone like you before."

With a shy smile, he will put an arm around you.  From his point of view you are now married."

And this one is the approach I like best: real-life testimony :3

"I love my INTJ for being my anchor to ground me to the world. He is independent, intelligent, self-motivated, confident and affectionate. He makes me feel incredibly loved for who I am right now. Granted he’s not the biggest talker in the world but I probably make up for both of us! I think he probably likes my warmth, intelligence, loyalty, strength and ability to see fun in all manner of weird life situations. I have no wish to change him in the slightest. I am constantly learning more about myself when I am with him and I love that process of learning and growing. We share a love of intelligent witty banter, nature, current affairs, strategy games and debate. We have polar opposite careers but that means we never compare ourselves to each other and always want the other to do well. As much as I dearly love humanity I really enjoy my own space, as does he to an even greater extent, so we work quite well in that way. We have our own sense of self and our own life goals but, when together, we have our own little world. We have stood by each other through tough times over the past year when either of us could have walked away but I think we have come out stronger for it."


Though I don't really rely myself on any kind of scientific things because I trust real-life experiences more, but this discovery about people's type of personalities gets me in awe of it. In some ways, it does help me understand myself and my relationship with others more. And by far, I'm glad I've learned much with this :)

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